mystery bundle | ss20 & fw20

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Mystery Bundle Policies:

All bundles are FINAL SALE, no changes, no cancellations, no returns and no exchanges, no exceptions. This is a strict policy. Mystery bundles are not for everyone, so if you don't enjoy surprises, it's ok to skip this bundle :)

No requests for colours, styles, etc. can be made for bundles, they are a surprise!

If you order multiple bundles, YES, it is possible for you to receive duplicates of items. We do our best to provide variety in each individual bundle, but you may also receive multiple of the same colour in different styles in an individual bundle (but never 2 identical items in a single bundle).

Mystery Bundle Descriptions:

All bundles contain 4 items from our SS20 "Camp" and/or FW20 "Wander" collection. The savings value is a between 60-70% off retail, which will vary by bundle.

What is a Gender Neutral bundle? Does not contain any of the items listed below as "Girl" items. 

What is a Girl bundle?

Contains a minimum of one (and up to three) "Girl" items, but still a total of 3 items in the bundle. "Girl" items are as follows: Dresses, Skirts, Culottes, Straight Leg Pants, Bike Shorts, Rashguard Suit, and Tank Suit.

Sizing Guide:

Our sizing guide can be found here.